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Shipboard Aviation

Private Yachts to Commercial Expedition ships JTAC Services Inc. has the experience to deliver a turnkey project.

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Services Introduction

 JTAC is positioned as a leader in shipboard aviation program development with over 16 years in the arena.

Commercial Expedition Ships

 Experts in commercial shipboard operations from shipboard manual/SOP development to international itinerary and permit procurement.

Aircraft Acquisition & Acceptance.

 We work closely with owner's representatives to procure the ideal aircraft based on mission requirements.

Helideck Crew Training

 We tailor training programs specific to the vessel post shore-based training which provides a more realistic experience ultimately enabling a higher level of safety.

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“I would highly recommend JTAC Services as they would be an asset and instrumental to any shipboard aviation program hands down.”

Richard Ziskind - Vice President & Managing Director Crystal Air Cruises


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