Helideck Certification

Aviation Inspection body

 JTAC is a licensed Aviation Inspection Body (AIB) under the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA).

We issue the folowing:
Helicopter Landing Area Certificate (HLAC), Helicopter Landing Area Inspection Report (HLAIR) and Helicopter Landing Area Technical Certificates (HLATC).
From the design phase to implementation we provide a turnkey package strictly following CAP 437 guidelines.

 Helideck inspection criteria
Training: Cross check on all training requirements
* Dangerous Goods
* Weather Observer
* VHF Radio Licensing

New Builds are assessed for UKCAA CAP 437 compliance at the design stage, during construction and at final commissioning before operations commence. An overview of these processes is included.

* Helicopter Company Personnel
* Offshore Installation Personnel
* Logistics and HSE Managers


Client Project Dashboard

* Landing Area Dimensions, Surface, Lighting and Markings
Helideck Equipment, including:
Rescue and Fire-fighting Arrangements
 ◦ Radio Equipment
 ◦ Meteorological Equipment
 ◦ Standard Helideck Monitoring Systems
 ◦  Approach Aids
* Safety Nets/Helideck and Perimeter
* Turbulence created by Superstructure and/or Exhausts
* Access Stairways
* Obstruction Environment
* Protective Clothing
* Refueling Facility
* Helideck Crew
* Documentation Requirements
ISO9001:2008(2015) Approved
* JTAC utilizes ISO secured cloud-based client facing dashboards to track the entire life cycle of your project.
* Travel to customer within 24 hrs.
* Professional and discrete


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